The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing in Social Media Postings

Daniel Pink's book: "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing" unveils some secrets about time connected to human behaviors in modern context. It observed patterns and habits across many communities, social and cultural contexts and came up with enlightening suggestions, such as: why it better to see doctors in the morning rather than in the afternoon as we often intuitively arrange our appointments. 

The key message of the book is to sync with the universe chronicle and take the full advantage of the art of manifesting. I once attended his presentation in Melbourne, Australia. If you are interest to know more you can check his video presentation at Google. 

In that light, the work can also be applied on the content management for social media channels. Most social managers may have been familiar with the best and worst time to post their content on the social platforms. 

Of course, no exact recipe for that, but the question that aims to seek better ways to optimize reaches, engagement is worth trying. 

Here are some rough time table which oftentimes being shared by social media managers. 


The best times on Wednesdays is between 12 and 3 pm when active users are checking on their social Facebook accounts during weekdays, especially on Thursday

The worst time will be 10pm to 4am and all holidays and weekends where active users are at the lowest. 


The best time is between 3 and 4pm for posting photos and pictures, while 9pm to 8am to post videos. 

The best days will be Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday

The worst time of the day is 6pm up. 


The best time will be 7-8 am and 5-6pm and lunchtime

Best days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The worst time are from 9am to 5pm

Professionals are less active on Mondays and Fridays


As more and more people are into video these days, especially during the pandemic where many activities, from work related to religion related, are streamed live, Youtube should be referring to actual people's activities day in day, day out throughout the week. It has also been years that Youtube became the search engine aside from Google. 

The best time is 12-4pm

The best days are Thursday and Friday, while on weekends the best time is between 9am and 11am.

How about the best days for Tiktok and many other video broadcasting apps?  Apparently, we need to observe them closely as well to find similar patterns of perfect timing. Interested? I am not. At least, I once came to this realization only to commit to few social media in this Bahasa article. (Tidak Baik Punya Terlalu Banyak Jejaring Media Sosial)


Relying on the aforementioned formula is definitely misleading since culture, habit, trends also play a role to explore the right approach to engage with the respective social media users. 

The last but not the least is of course the content itself. The maxim that content is the king still applies here. 

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