Not everything wireless is good

I used to buy in ideas that as tech develops further, the less it requires physical wire connections. Wireless reigns over wirefull. 

This piece is born on a bluetooth wireless keyboard connected to a mobile, an apparent testament to aforementioned belief.

Unfortunately, I am in the midst of doubting my belief on the premacy of wireless. 


This keyboard is my third of its kind. My last two wireless keyboards last less than a year, with them keeping showing four to six digits of pass code which only proved to be unmatched to every device I tried to pair with. 

I gleaned information from the Internet and various fora, regarding wireless keyboards and its types and how the world of bluetooth works, with high hopes to troubleshoot my pairing-unpairing woes. As always goes a digital adage saying that change is inevitable yet progress is optional, I find that my tech endeavors are not necessarily bearing fruit as in the wireless case. 

I ended up, in the cases of my ill-fated wireless bluetooth keyboards, smashing them into wall or hit all keypads with a fist, pushing my luck in hoping that the pass codes would finally work a charm. No. It never happened. 

My belief on wireless world has been further shattered after my office wireless Internet network become excruciatingly painful for all employees with unstable connections and downtime occurrences.

However, despite such growing doubts, I was intrigued to keep trying the limits of wireless connection. Yes, I find it many wireless things remain mysterious to me and too difficult to comprehend. 

But, I tell myself to extend the venture in the future in order to further debunk the myth behind wireless fairytale.

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