How to ensure our blog posts be indexed by Google within few minutes

Some bloggers may have been familiar with steps to optimize their posts so that the posts become friendly to search engine Google. For those new to blogging, I'd like to share one of those basic steps.

Google crawlers or internet bots do the indexing of a website or blog based on the frequency of the content update. The more frequent the update, the more frequent the bots do the indexing.

Of course, everytime we posted new content on our blog, we want it immediately being on Google index list. The good news is we can do that easily.

1. First, we have to check whether our new post have been included in the Google index or not by way of copying URL of the post and paste it into the Google search field.

If the post has yet been on the index list, the result of the search would  show it right away.

2. Second, inform as soon as possible to Google by sending the URL to   Google by placing the URL to the field of the

We will receive notification that our submission being processed within few seconds

3. Submit the URL to Google via  (You need to login into your Google account).

4. Recheck whether your URL has been on the list by repeating the first step.

That's all. Simple, isn't it? I tried those steps out within few minutes.
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