Indonesian netizens during Jokowi administration

More than 3.6 million conversation were recorded in the nine months of President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo administration. Every day, at least 13,000 chats over the Internet are taking place discussing the administration activities. 

An analysis provided by social media research center Provetic shows that there has been 60 percent of positive conversations taking place in the first three months, in which slightly declining to 57 percent in the second quarter and bouncing back to 60 percent in the past three months. 

Contents of the conversations revolve around economic stability and corruption eradication issues. Troika of cards being launched by the Jokowi administration: kartu sehat to access health service, kartu pintar to access education, and kartu keluarga sejahtera to access social support, havs been among hot topics for the Indonesian netizens aside from the rethoric of reform in 'revolusi mental'. Unfortunately, poor execution and botchy implementation of the programs have clouded the  conversations with over than 90 percent of people over the net also responded negatively on corruption-related cases, especially regarding the rift between police and the Corruption Eradication Commission. That issue settles in the second top chart of issues netizens converse about after fuel prices hike in November last year. 

In addition, the Indonesian netizens have lauded some government initiatives, such as seatoll development and introduction of maritime axis concept in addition to the tagline of the Cabinet: Work, Work, Work. 

According to 2014 data from Indonesian Internet Providers Association, 88.1 mllion or 35 percent of the total population have been using internet, mostly from their mobile devices.
The report also confirms that social media has become new agora for the public to discuss social and political issues, new tool for social control to the government performance. 

Source: Kompas

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