After Go-jek, the next in line is Go-Truk

The founder and CEO of ojek (motorcycle taxi) booking app Go-jek, Nadiem Makarim, revealed that his company would soon release another app, named Go-Truk.

The new app was developed in response to Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama's challenge to Go-jek, after the latter's popularity managed to help Jakartans beat the capital's chronic traffic congestion and help ojek drivers make ends meet.

Go-Truk is expected to be able to monitor the ubiquitous presence of trucks operating in greater Jakarta.
"Pak Ahok has challenged us to create a special app [to monitor the operation] of trucks and we are ready for it," Nadiem said  on Wednesday evening.

With the app, Nadiem added, users will be able to detect trucks in their neighborhoods that are vacant and those carrying loads. The app is expected to boost effective and efficient operation of trucks in the congested metropolis.

Trucks have long been known to be a contributor to gridlock in Jakarta, with 50 percent of the trucks reportedly empty.

Nadiem did not detail what other features would be available in the new app.
In addition to Go-Truck, his company plans to create a Go-Busway app, referring to the city's Transjakarta public buses.

"We want Go-jek services to become our feeder and those using the Go-jek service could spot the nearest Transjakarta buses and anticipate a more exact time of arrival for the buses at nearby bus stops," he concluded.


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