A guided ‘Mobile Meditation’

This small exercise will be best performed  in the morning before you start your day. It may only take a few minutes. It may serve as a digital detox routine to help you have a more nourishing and healthier relation with your mobile phone. 


Find a place you think you can spend a couple of minutes alone without any distraction and disturbance. That can be a quiet corner, a restroom or simply behind the wheel while parking. 

Please sit still and relaxed. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. 

Then, take few seconds to slowly scan across your body from toes up to your knees, hip, tummy, shoulders, to your head. Observe carefully every feeling arises: cold or warm or neither cold nor warm, tense or relaxed or neither tense nor relaxed, in pain or no-feeling at all. Simply observe and do not judge whether it is pleasant or unpleasant.

Take out your mobile phone, turn it off and place it right in front of you. 

This time, take few moments to observe every feeling arises in you. Yes, you just disconnect from your virtual world, from your virtual friends on social media. Yes, you are offline now. You can imagine a world out there without you in it and net people chat busily out there but without you in their conversation. Observe your feeling, simply observe and do not judge whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. 

Then, close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing in and breathing out for few seconds. Now count to four in breathing in, hold it four and release your breath slowly in eight. Repeat: count to four in breathing in, hold it four and release in eight. Inhale: one two three four, hold your breath: one two three four, exhale: one two three four five six seven eight. Repeat it at your own convenience until you feel your breath deeper and slower. 

If you suddenly lose your concentration and your mind wanders around to the past or future or other places, start anew with your breathing exercise. Bring back your mind to here and now without giving any judgement.
Once you can feel calmer and at peace you can award yourself with a smile. Enjoy your offline moments. 

Picture you in your today’s activities, you in your best version. How you talk to others, how you think, how you behave, how you feel. Have a clear picture of your best version and give the brightest colors to that picture. 

Stick to that picture and bring in the image of your mobile phone. Ask yourself how you will use your mobile today to materialize your best version. Reflect upon possible distractions or certain scenes or situations in the past that you might face again in your phone today, but you could choose not to put attention to them and focus on what helps you to achieve your best version. 

Build a strong intention to be a better version today, with the help of our mobile. Repeat your mantra: ‘I want…. to become the best version of me today. I want….to become the best version of me today.’ 

Open your eyes. Again put attention to your breath for a few moments. Breathing normally. 

Turn on your mobile. Observe every feeling arises when you see your mobile taking some time to reboot on and now you are back online. 

Give yourself a smile as you can now reconnect with your world anew. 

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